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PNL computer college was started in February 2002.
It is a college that enrolls students to study computer skills. This department was started with the aim of educating people and giving them a chance to be computer literate. This is especially true for the youth who complete their secondary school and are waiting to join colleges. The enrolled students are advised on how to continue after attaining their certificate at PNL.

PNL Computer College has a computer lab which is well equipped with modern computers. These computers are installed with the latest version of Windows Operating System, and Application programs.

Classes are scheduled Monday to Friday beginning at 8:00 am and ending at 5:30 pm. Currently, we offer 4 sessions in a day, each taking two hours. In each session, the computer lab is busy with each computer handling at least two students/users.

Students are currently enrolled at random, however, in the near future, the management is arranging for timely intakes after every three months. The students enrolled are those who are finished with their O level education and have attained a minimum of C-.

Currently, PNL Computer Studies offers a certificate level of training to the students. There is a plan to start offering Diploma level training to the students due to the high demand.

Upon completion of the courses, students are issued a CERTIFICATE that is globally recognized. The exams are internal, but plans are underway to enroll our students for external exams with an examining body in the country.

  • To offer both Certificate and Diploma Courses in Information Technology and Computer Science
  • To have more Computers in the Lab
  • To offer External Exams
  • To extend our services to the neighboring towns
  • ISDN Internet Connection to help students with Internet Access
  • To establish a Library equipped with relevant materials where students can enrich their knowledge.
For further inquiries please contact us.

Student walking to class
University in U.K
Univ. of texas - Computer Center
Texas University - Computation Center

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