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Paying for your education could be a headache and especially if you do not have reliable source of income. Most schools do offer some form of financial assistance to those who qualify. However, there are a limited number of scholarships available for international students. Some of them include:

Academic Scholarships: Most of these scholarships are awarded to students who are already enrolled and have shown strong academic performance. Some of the academic scholarships are automatic, in that they are awarded automatically to students with high grades.

Athletics Scholarships: These are scholarships that are awarded to athletes. Say for example, you are very good in a certain sport and can participate in school competitions, you could be awarded a scholarship which would pay for all the tuition and fees. Therefore we do recommend that if you have a talent in Basketball, Track and Field, Volleyball or other sports, please include all of the certificates awarded when applying. To save time, you may also get recommendations from all of your previous and current coaches. All other relevant material that would act as a tool to justify your talent would be helpful. Such materials would include pictures, video tapes and newspaper articles among others.

SAT Score: SAT is a standardized test that is usually taken after high school to enable the colleges and universities to rate the applicants' ability. Some institutions offer scholarships based on how high the scores are.

Graduate Assistant (GA): For those who want to apply for graduate school, there are are Graduate Assistant opportunities. GA's get their graduate level course fees waived and get paid roughly $700 a month for the position held. These positions are awarded based on GMAT, GRE and GPA scores.

Organizations: Some schools have partnered with organizations that pay half the tuition, and the student is responsible for the other half. Others will assist with in-state tuition rather than out-of-state tuition.

CMSU - Humphrey Bldg
Students walking by Humphreys, CMSU
Medical School
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