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This form is intended for clients who have applied to a university or college within the U.S., but NOT through PNL and would like PNL to assist in finding out the application status. Personal information CANNOT be exposed to anybody else apart from the applicant's designated person. Ask your PNL representative for our Privacy Statement (optional).

There is a non-refundable fee applied to the PNL Confidential Retrieval service. Ask the PNL representative for more details.

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Thank you for taking the initiative to consult PNL for assistance. Our motto is, "At PNL, where services are guaranteed and affordable." Your success is our success, and therefore, we are proud of your success!

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PNL Overseas Education Consultants

USA - Kansas City: 816-294-7973  Contact: Lincoln N.

Kenya - Nairobi: (254)-020-224-3564  Contact: Jane Wambaria

Kenya - Mweiga Nyeri: (254)-61-55081  Contact: Paterson Ndegwa

Botswana - Gaborone: (267) 72433733  Contact: Elizabeth Gakuu

Ghana - Accra: (233)-20-8122441  Contact: Felix Appiah

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