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The following are the general requirements for admission to Universities and Colleges. Please be aware that these vary with different schools.

Academic Credentials
Certified copies of result slips, leaving certificate and certificates of achievements. The minimum grade acceptable by most institutions is an average of B- or an equivalent GPA of 3.0. Please note that minimum grade requirement may vary with the school and also with the field of study. Medical schools are competitive and therefore require higher grades.

Financial Support Documents/ Bank Statements
showing a minimum total of the school's annual tuition and fees cost. On average, it is $15,000 US Dollars. Some institutions require an immediate family member and only one sponsor.

Affidavit of Support
This is an official statement signed and approved by a lawyer that the sponsor has promised to sponsor the applicant to the stated institution. In some countries, Banks do offer certification services.

Applicant Fee
This is a fee that every institution requires in order to process an application. Application fees vary with schools. Contact PNL for information on application fees for different schools.

Certified copy of Birth Certificate
Not many schools require copies of birth certificates but to be on the safe side, it is advisable to have one ready just in case it might be a requirement for the prospective School.

Completely Filled and Signed application form
An application cannot be evaluated if an application form if missing. Application form has to be either the PNL Universal Application or an application for the university or college that the applicant intends to join.

Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Different schools have different TOEFL score requirements. Contact PNL Office in your home country for TOEFL score requirements. It is highly advisable to take TOEFL regardless of whether the school requires it.

GMAT/ GRE Results
GMAT or GRE scores are required for graduate admissions. Different schools require different scores. Another variation for the score requirement is based on the major and therefore, we recommend applicants to contact PNL for questions regarding graduate admission requirements.

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University in Australia
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